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By Jacob Patrick Ellis

Upcoming Events & Retreats

C.A.M.P. Cooperative Arts, Movement, & Play

Plantinillo, Costa Rica

March 1st-5th 2017

Pura Vida Yoga Retreat 

Tropico Latino Resort, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

March 5th-11th 2017

Momentom Collective Artist Residency

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

March 13th-30th 2017

Featured Workshops


A 2-3 hour Hand Stand and Hand balancing intensive focused on learning the correct muscular and structural foundation for finding hang-time in your handstand and understanding how hand balancing works.

We will go over the common mistakes practitioners struggle with while attempting handstands and other hand balancing, and cover the pivotal discoveries essential to a successful hand stand and other balancing acts. We will use a variety of unique theories and movements to assure that students walk out of the workshop having learned something new about themselves and their practice. Hey, you may even walk out on your hands!

During Jacob’s Handstand workshop you will…


  • Overcome your fear of being upside down and falling down.
  • Find the precise alignment in your body to discover your almighty balance point.
  • Learn specific techniques and exercises to build the strength required to hangout upside down on your mat.
  • Laugh, learn, fall, get back up & achieve more than you ever thought possible



Please feel free to contact me to host a workshop or event at your yoga studio…Thank you!


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